What is Diabet 2?

Diabet 2 is the precisely clinically tested product which has healing properties and is intended for all persons suffering from arteriosclerosis and diabetes type 2. It is used also in the prevention of these diseases in the way it acts effectively on the causes leading to their occurrence.

The product is of natural origin, made from cereals micro flora intended for human nutrition. A high metabolic efficiency, good tolerance and absence of harmful effects are proven by the strictest clinical tests using the CLAMP method.

Which are the main properties of Diabet 2?

Diabet 2 acts on the main causes of arteriosclerosis and diabetes type 2, leading illnesses that drives to disability, death and other sicknesses in the modern world.

Compared to other medicines and dietary supplements which treat these illnesses, Diabet 2 effectively acts on its cause. This is its unique property in the world. Modern medicine has no drugs with similar properties.

At the Clinic for Endocrinology VMA (Military Medical Academy) in Belgrade, Serbia, in the period between 1996 and 2001 the quality and healing power of this product was proven by testing its metabolic efficiency. The testing was done using the highest clinical standards in scientific study for quality checking of healing substances, the “CLAMP method”. The results of these tests show that Diabet 2 has extraordinary healing properties and acts efficiently on the causes of arteriosclerosis and diabetes type 2. These tests have power of medical proof which cannot be professionally denied or relativized.

The high metabolic efficiency of Diabet 2 on the basic metabolic disorders is proven.

Insulin Resistance- IR is the number 1 cause for metabolic disorder which leads to the occurrence of arteriosclerosis and diabetes type 2. Using Diabet 2 insulin becomes more effective and metabolic processes accelerate. Therefore a body achieves the same target with less insulin: it protects arteries from damage, and the pancreas from further and faster exhaustion.

Medical advantages of Diabet 2 are following:

  • Use of effective, personalized prevention of all conditions with greater risk for arteriosclerosis and diabetes type 2.
  • Effective healing of already existing diseases and disorders.
  • Dosage reduction of applied medicines which leads to lowering the risks for their unwanted effects.
  • Financial savings.

How Diabet 2 acts?

Diabet 2 has the protective and healing role in Insulin Resistance- IR which is the basis for all dependent metabolic processes and causes for occurrence of serious diseases already mentioned. For the first time with only one product we can achieve a wide spectrum of advantages for health.

Diabet 2 acts on the cause and removes/reduces all numerous metabolic and clinical consequences of certain diseases. At the present time each of these diseases has specific medicines or their combinations that people use. Their therapeutic effects are questionable. The truth is that Insulin Resistance- IR, as the main cause for metabolic disorders and before mentioned diseases, remains out of therapeutic control. It will not be changed with a growing number and assortment of available drugs. The possibilities for effective prevention of these diseases with classic drugs are largely eliminated.

Which are the effects of using Diabet 2 product?

It is proved, that the regular intake of Diabet 2 has the following effects at the same time:

  • Reduced Insulin Resistance- IR, the main factor for development of arteriosclerosis (heart weakness, heart attack, stroke, disorders of circulation, etc)
  • Reduced needed concentration of excreted insulin and enhancement of its efficiency – in other words with lower insulin concentrations the metabolic optimum is established
  • Improved glucose metabolism during activities and while resting
  • Reduced hyperglycemia in diabetics type 2 and stable improvement of glycoregulation quality, without possible hypoglycemia
  • Accelerates lipid metabolism, reduces triglycerides and cholesterol with increase of “good cholesterol” i.e. protective HDL fractions
  • Protection from arteriosclerosis
  • Contribution to the normal blood pressure
  • Liver protection from excessive accumulation of fats (fatty liver)
  • Reduction of body weight due to acceleration of metabolic processes and better appetite control
  • Gives better health quality feeling, working energy and lowering of problems

Which are the indications for Diabet 2 use?

Because of its action mechanism and proven high efficiency the product can be applied in the therapy of:

  • Disturbed metabolism of glucose in diabetes type 2
  • All disturbed metabolisms of lipids
  • High blood pressure, especially of overweight persons and those with metabolic disorders
  • Healing of obesity
  • Prevention of genetic tendency to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes type 2
  • Correction of metabolic consequences at polycystic ovaries
  • Reduction of harmful metabolic consequences caused by immovability, smoking and stress.

So far experiences of use of Diabet 2?

All users of Diabet 2 have extremely positive opinion on the therapy effects. The patients take it gladly and recommend it to others. They appreciate measurable metabolic effects and intensive subjective feeling of better ability, working energy and lowering of problems. Highly appreciated is natural origin, rich mineral and vitamin content, with functional worthy and active fibers. The patients are glad to see neither side reactions nor harmful effects.

For patients suffering from diabetes type 2, the significant and more stable improvement of glycoregulation is achieved, with correction of accompanying lipid metabolism disorders. Significant effects on the regulation of high blood pressure are achieved. Obese people can better control appetite and have less hunger, with faster metabolism. Kilograms get lost more easily and the effects are stable and permanent.

Recommended by

Prof. PhD RADOSAV DRAGOJEVIĆ, endocrinologist