Diabet 2 – The medicine for the 21. Century!!!

We heard this sentence countless times from Professor PhD Radosav Raša Dragojević. The clinical researches on Diabet 2 done upon his leadership convinced us with no doubt in the truthfulness of his words.

The team for success consists of:

  • “Institute of General and Physical Chemistry” from Belgrade, Serbia - the original author of the product.
  • Professor PhD Radosav Raša Dragojević - the “medical father” of the product.
  • “8.0 Ideal Balance” Ltd. - generator of the product placement on the market.

The platform was created to realize the vision of benefits for all who need help. The connection of experience, knowledge and quality guarantees the success and good health to all who would use Diabet 2.

We wish you good health and all happiness!

Long living all of you!

Company 8.0 Ideal Balance doo