The use of Diabet 2 in the prevention of Arteriosclerosis

Discovery of the causes for the most widespread diseases in the modern world – arteriosclerosis and diabetes type 2 enabled the establishing of a strategy to prevent the occurrence of these diseases and disorders.

Related to this, clear directions for strategy and principle of action in health care are traced. In these efforts the priority for prevention was given, compared to a so far practice focused on the healing of already developed diseases.

With the launching of the Diabet 2 product, with already clinicaly proven metabolic properties and effects, the projected strategy – PREVENTION, can become a reality. All needed preconditions are already realized - metabolic efficiency and the lack of unwanted effects.

If you have noticed some warning elements in your actual health condition, wrong life style or warning in your family history (genetics) during the reading of this text, there is now a solution – Diabet 2.

In order to depict and clearly show the power and ways to improve your health, we will use some examples.

The schematic representation which clearly explains why arteriosclerosis is a global problem of modern human beings (epidemic proportions)!

The base of epidemic make people who are living a wrong life style and don’t see and feel it and are not often even aware of it. This life style makes obesity worse, which we do see and feel. We simplify it by the seductive feeling that we have no troubles or that our actual health situation is “normal”. We don’t worry too much even if we have a family tendency for heart diseases or diabetes. From our “normal” state over a long period of time, our body defends itself with an excess of insulin (HYPERINSULINISM). This state is followed by hypertension, lipids in blood or high glycemia (diabetes). This paves the way for the occurrence of Arteriosclerosis.


This schematic display explains the mechanism of prevention for disease occurrence, as well as the more successful healing of already existing disorders. We point to the unique metabolic foundation responsible for the occurrence of diabetes type 2 and arteriosclerosis. The difference which defines the occurrence and further evolution of disease is based exclusively on genetic factors.

It is important to lower the initial metabolic disorder – INSULIN RESISTANCE, i.e. HYPERINSULINISM, which can be achieved using the Diabet 2 product! The normalization or reduction of metabolic consequences causes the prevention of occurrence of diabetes type 2, and the process of developing arteriosclerosis loses its potential.