Use of Diabet 2 in the reduction of body weight

During the clinical research it was concluded, that while using Diabet 2 one can reduce body weight. After the therapy with Diabet 2 this effect was made without a previously projected target: changed life style, special education, nutritional changes or an introduction of regular physical activity.

The majority of examinees felt less hunger and therefore more easily controlled food intake. Some people succeeded in avoiding next meal (mostly dinner) after they consumed Diabet 2 with a full glass of fruit juice. At the same time they didn’t have any feeling of hunger or lacking energy.

Using these findings, Diabet 2 consumption before meals became common. It was particularly important in the next conducted programs, where the projected activities were focused on reduction of body weight. Such health programs had significant advantages of acceptability and efficiency. The examinees didn’t suffer from hunger and they did not have the nervousness associated with classical diet!