The use of Diabet 2 and glucose metabolism

Comprehensive use of energy from glucose!

A good illustration of the therapeutical power of Diabet 2 is on all indicators of glycoregulation, as well as improvement of glucose metabolism. The effect is more pronounced if we know that everything is done with significantly lower secreted insulin.

The morning glycemias are significantly reduced, and low glycemias are even more evident after a standardized meal or postprandial (2h). In statistic criteria, changes have a high level of importance.

The international accepted indicator of glycoregulation quality in diabetics – HbA1c shows that the patients who before therapy were in the zone of “worse glycoregulation” then went to the zone of “satisfactory”.

It is not known of any available medicaments for the healing of diabetics that to this extent improve the glycoregulation by saving insulin, as Diabet 2.