The use of Diabet 2 and Lipid metabolism

What happens with lipid metabolism?

Lipid metabolism is one of the most frequent metabolism disorders in the common population, which is especially important for people who suffer from diabetes type 2. It is directly connected to the occurrence and adverse prognosis for diabetes type 2 because of cardio-vascular disorders.

The abundance of energy from fatty tissues is easier activated and used, and the metabolic catabolism accelerates.

In the graphic diagram one should notice the wideness of positive changes in the total ambiance of lipid metabolism. All analyzed lipid fractions important for occurrence of arteriosclerosis (cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL) are lowered, where triglycerides are maximally lowered. One should keep on mind that those are trustful markers of IR, when Trigl.↑ - HDL↓.

For the sake of importance, we emphasize that in professional practice it has been observed that prolonged therapy for longer than 3 months results in an effective reduction in triglycerides with an accompanying increase in HDL. This is important because existing remedies in the treatment of triglycerides significantly fall behind the efficacy of those used for the treatment of elevated cholesterol. When the emphasis is put on cholesterol, and triglyceride treatment is neglected, drives to an increased risk of Arteriosclerosis, as their role has been proven in the process of the formation of this disease.

All methods of treating lipid metabolism disorders (dyslipidemia) are evaluated by whether the result of their use reduces or removes the risk of arteriosclerosis. Level of risk is estimated through mathematical formula of ratio between LDL and HDL and ratio between Cholesterol and HDL. These two results are called ATEROGENESE INDEXES.

It shows that at a statistically high level (n = 150), after conducted therapy with Diabet 2 level of aterogenesis risk is reduced, such as risk of Arteriosclerosis!

Diabet 2 has a direct positive impact on the metabolic core of the problem, which is increasement in the HDL, protective fraction. This therapeutic effect is not achieved in other therapeutic methods.

The use of Diabet 2 enables the wide spectrum of combined metabolic changes with proved health values.