Use of Diabet 2 product in the prevention of liver functioning

The improvement of liver functional capacities is achieved with regular use of Diabet2!

It was shown, that our examinees, at the very beginning had the full clinical appearance of metabolic syndrome, but also had some elements of damaged liver functions – “fatty liver”, as the consequence of the disturbed lipid metabolism. They had altered transaminases.

An important fact was learned, and for the first time proved in this research. The better liver functioning is more visible, which is logical if the starting patient’s state is in higher deviation from normal values, i.e. pathologically altered state.

It should be noticed that at the range of “normal values” the effect of improvement of functional capabilities – movements towards lower values, is clear and remarkable.

INTERPRETATION: The essential and real reduction of IR reflects on the quality of all metabolic processes, so that they are optimized and accelerated. This reduction of IR reflects logically on the functional liver state because the role of liver is fundamental in these processes.