Prevention of diabetes

The schematic representation of spontaneous process (evolution phase) in occurrence and development of diabetes type 2 is given. The widest foundation of occurrence is the life style with insufficient physical activities, which was recently also promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) as global risk factor. The insufficient physical activity combined with obesity and genetic preference makes the risk factor even worse.

The metabolic scenario includes INSULIN RESISTANCE- IR (metabolic blockade) which requires an increase of insulin secreting. As a result, in later phase there is an exhaustion of pancreas cells to produce and secrete insulin. Impaired ability of further insulin secreting, reduced up to 50%, causes the fall of usage capacity of glucose. Glucose concentration in blood then grows progressively and diabetes occurs, but also the conditions for further accelerated changes to arteriosclerosis are established.

Schematic representation of clinical importance of IR reduction

Metabolic phases

Our researches gave the most direct and indirect documented proofs that Diabet 2 alone, without combining with other relevant factors (physical activity, nutrition type, reduction of body weight etc.) reliably and efficiently reduces enhanced insulin concentrations. These reductions of insulin concentrations occurred both when examinees used Diabet 2 on empty stomach as well as after a meal. Practically the insulin concentrations were brought to normal physiological values.

It is reason enough to qualify Diabet 2 as the product of fundamental medical importance with proved therapeutic and preventive power. In the examinees with metabolic syndrome (who have insulin secretion without diabetes) the basal insulinemias were reduced up to 47.5%!! This shows the preventive potential of the product. Due to this fact, Diabet 2 is the product which brings a clear advantage in medical meaning. It enables us to heal our patients from arteriosclerosis and diabetes type 2 more successfully, the arteriosclerosis and diabetes type 2 are now illnesses which can be possible to prevent.

It is clear, that our researches did not give the final limit of possible pharmaco therapeutical achievement of Diabet 2. The results can be increased either with prolonged use of Diabet 2 (more than 3 months) or combined with suitable physical activities, reduction of body weight, adequate nutrition etc. In such combinations the effects become more pronounced, stable and durable.

Because of this the role of Diabet 2 may become professionally grounded factor in all those programs of revitalization, enlargement of ability, reduction of body weight, existence of chronic stress, smoking, etc, and wherever the need for metabolic acceleration and optimization exists.

With exact, standard biochemical parameters one can continuously control the efficiency and success of Diabet 2 use. With these proofs it is easy to encourage people to pursue a designed, individually acceptable, appropriate life style, which protects and advances their health.

All previous researches within this domain, clearly underlined the problem for building up the motivation for changes, especially persistence in it, as the weakest link responsible for the failure of realization of such programs in practice.

During our researches there were no examinees who willingly disrupted or gave up participation in our program. The devotion of examinees to this method of healing was obvious.

Summary of metabolic effects:

  • High therapeutic efficiency in the reduction of Insulin Resistance- IR, proved by CLAMP method
  • Reduced insulin concentration by nearly 30%
  • Improved glycoregulation (HBa1c from 9.86% to 7.44%)
  • Improved and accelerated lipid metabolism
  • Significant anti-hypertensive effects
  • Hepatoprotective effects (fat liver)
  • Reduced appetite, reduced body weight
  • Better subjective feeling of health and life quality