Insulin Resistance- IR and its effects

The newest scientific achievements have shown, that disturbances in insulin action (scientifically: INSULIN RESISTANCE- IR) induce the occurrence of arteriosclerosis and diabetes type 2. With this scientific discovery, prevention and more successful treatment of these diseases are clearly traced.

Because of its role and its importance to health, the World Health Organization (WHO) and highly qualified experts for disturbance in metabolism have promoted INSULIN RESISTANCE- IR therapy to priority strategic orientation for the future. Because of this new formulations of medicines are needed to enlarge the metabolic efficiency of insulin.

Explanation of IR scheme:

Above sea level, visible and known, are two groups of diseases (cardio-vascular and diabetes type 2) with accompanying risk factors (dashes and arrows). They are the subject of actual attention, comprehension and therapeutic treatments (protocols), which means the inevitable “accumulation of medicines” in the native, evolution process of disturbance in every patient with these diseases.

The essence is more hidden – “undersea rock”, a strong and mutual base, that endangers health with HYPERINSULINISM and causes the disease most often.

In the sea – dark blue area, is the hidden, but known essence – “the mutual rock”, on whose existence, shape and size the actual therapy has very small impact. Because of it, the incomplete therapeutic effects and the worse total prognosis are achieved. Until now, prevention was impossible

By finding and healing the cause of a particular disease (the strategy of the future), more efficiency, financial savings and essential prevention of theses diseases are enabled.

HYPERINSULINISM is a measurable consequence of the presence of Insulin Resistance - IR. It is the forced answer of an organism to the obstruction of insulin action, which is proportional to the grade of IR present. The quality tends to be compensated by quantity, and that is the real need of an organism. Because of this fact it defines the size, volume and hardness of the mutual base – “undersea rock”.

By its existence and duration grade, the hyperinsulinism is responsible for:

  • Progressive damage of arteries (hypertension, arteriosclerosis)
  • Disturbances in glucose metabolism (diabetes) and lipids (dyslipidemia)
  • Stronger blood coagulation (thrombosis)
  • Immunity disturbances (infections, malignities)
  • Stronger appetite (obesity)
  • Fall of working energy (depressions)
  • Worsen life quality

This mutual cause and all health consequences of these diseases is hidden – without symptoms, but we can recognize or diagnose it in a more lasting and visible increased concentrations of insulin. This is called hyperinsulinism in blood and is a direct indicator. There are also indirect indicators such as presence of hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia of the type (cholesterol↑, LDL↑, triglycerides↑, but HDL↓), as well as already occurred hypertension, obesity, etc.

The most reliable diagnostic treatments are CLAMP procedures (the world gold standard). The relationship between the values of actual glycemias and corresponding insulin concentrations are calculated.