Vera Markovic

My father was a diabetic for many years. Diabetes progressed rapidly, that he had to take not only tablets, but also prescribed medication. The glucose level during the day was unbalanced which was noticed by measuring of average glucose hemoglobin fraction HbA1c (see table). We heard from our friends that the product called Diabet2 exists. After their recommendation I started to give this product to my father three times a day, half an hour before meals. If you take a look at the same table, column 4 shows the measured values of HbA1c%. According to the shown values one can see a significant difference during the period of use of Diabet2. Significantly lower values were noticed in the period when my father conscientiously was taking Diabet 2. He was very satisfied and he continued to take this product. The values marked with asterisk refer to those ones measured while the product intake.Milun Marković, born in 1935, diabetic from 1999. He took tablets for 15 years, and now he takes at morning prescribed medication HUMULIN M3 ergopen 19j, before lunch amaryl - 3mg and before supper amaryl - 1mg. Table:
DateGlucosek-Hba1c k-HbA1c%
Kind regards, Vera Markovic

Milos Presic

I am 49 years old, living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. I am a sporty, trained water polo and swimming. I have neglected sport activities and consequently my weight went up to 122 kg. I am 185 cm tall. Then problems with blood pressure started. I went to a cardiologist and it was concluded, that my heart is healthy, but in an “unhealthy rhythm”. Physical activity and loss of body weight were recommended to me. That was the trigger for me to start the changes. I took regularly three times a day for three months Diabet 2 with Schweppes Bitter Lemon because this combination suited me the most. Without any efforts and difficulties I reduced the food intake. I didn’t feel hunger. After three months I weighed 6 kg less. Finally, my complete blood test results were so much better that it was surprising for my coordinating doctor in the Health Centre Vracar, Belgrade. I started to work out and listened to my cardiologist. I now don’t use any drugs.

November 2014. – January 2015.
Miloš Prešić